life changing yoga holiday – ground and grow yoga. Start your life developing yoga journey now! Ground and grow exploring helps you step by step to get a deeper connection with yourself and others. The unique ground and grow yoga services are a life changing opportunity to step out of the daily routine, plant your seed and grow! Join now!

life changing yoga holiday

Why are the retreats of ground and grow life changing yoga holidays?

Ground and grow combines yoga with other activities or forms of self development to connect even deeper with yourself and your surroundings. All the retreats take place in nature. Make your own choice which paradise you would like to start your journey to evolve to a more present self!

life changing yoga holiday – ground and grow yoga

Between two worlds
Yoga & Diving Bali
Currently no dates available

This amazing 11-days-trip is specially for divers, who want to dive even more present. It’s a wonderful chance to spend time diving in the underwater world and enjoy Yoga-Asana, meditation, breathing and self development workshops in paradise!

  • yoga asana
  • meditation practice
  • diving around Nusa Lembongan
  • diving Tulamben
  • more

Find your sweet spot where it flows
Yoga & Psychology Switzerland
currently no dates available

The mountains in Malans are calling! It’s amazing how quiet it can be in the mountains. The perfect place to connect to your true self and get rid of what ever holds you back to reach your full potential! You can expect breathing exercises, yoga-asana, meditation, sound healing, body and mind oriented psychology workshops in wonderful nature!

  • yoga asana
  • meditation practice
  • dance therapy
  • body oriented psychology
  • emotional healing
  • more

You Rock!
Yoga & Climbing Italy

Currently no dates available

life changing yoga holiday

Rock climbing is challenging for the body and the mind. So many times it pushes you to your limits! Very often exactly these challenging moments are the ones, which teach us the most. By observing yourself, your emotions, your body, your thoughts and your breath, you can discover your fears and what gives you the biggest joy of life!

  • yoga asana
  • meditation practice
  • breath work
  • climbing
  • more

Fully booked! Please contact for more information about this retreat or more dates.

Yoga meets Pilates Yoga & Pilates Fuerteventura

Currently no dates available

Volcanoes, waves, sun, wind – The amazing Island Fuerteventura is shaped by nature. Pilates and Yoga have many things in common. Body awareness and the breath are the main components. Take from each workshop and lesson what you want to take to improve your body, your mind and how you take decisions in life!

  • pilates classes
  • yoga asana
  • breath of pilates and yoga
  • mindfulness
  • more


Benjamin Disraeli

life changing yoga holiday – ground and grow yoga

ground and grow life - what are the believes of ground&grow?

ground and grow life


There is no life without change. You have billions of cells in your body, the all change every second. We are in a constant process of change and nothing is permanent. We can't change our past or our future but in the present moment we have the chance to take choices which influence our future.

  • change
  • process
  • impermanent
  • choice​
life changing yoga holiday - ground and grow life


How can you move forward when you don't know where you are coming from? Take your time to explore where in life you are and what nourishes you. This is a full journey of discovering yourself and is a constant process. But once you started, you will realize that when you evolve, it will be easier to connect with others!

  • discover
  • explore
  • evolve
ground and grow yoga


Buddhism says that the Buddha is within everyone. We are very distracted by the daily life. This makes it very difficult to listen to our body and inner voice. By peeling off all the layers covering us, we can get insight to our inner wisdom. This requires a lot of practice of mindfulness and awareness.

  • wisdom
  • insight
  • mindfulness
  • awareness
life changing yoga holiday


Sometimes it's hard to understand why we have to go through some situations in life. The obstacles in life teach us important lessons. By overcoming them and by observing yourself, you get a lot of information about who you truly are. As long as we don't understand the lesson our life wants to teach us, we will struggle over and over with the same kind of obstacles and questions.

  • full potential
  • obstacles
  • overcome
ground and grow yoga - connect to others


The universe works as a whole. Everyone has a role to fulfill. If you don's struggle with yourself, you can help others or enjoy life better with others. As we are all connected somehow together, it's important that everyone starts by them self to make positive change.

  • connection
  • you are the start
  • community
  • improve

life changing yoga holiday – ground and grow yoga

ground and grow yoga

How does the ground and grow yoga work?

Ground and grow yoga is a holistic approach. Many yoga teacher teach just yoga asana and take care of the body. Humans are so much more than just bodies! It’s not about looking good, getting physically stronger or more flexible! These are wonderful side effects! It’s about evolving as a complete human being.

As you might have noticed, in daily life we forget basic actions like smiling at someone or trying something new. Ground and grow yoga meets the needs of the clients on an individual base. It is made for people in this era of unconsciousness and stressful lives.

Let ground and grow yoga be your life changing yoga holiday!

Ground and grow yoga - the eight lims of yoga?

The classes and workshops of ground and grow yoga follow Patanjali’s eight-fold path. This path offers guidelines for a meaningful and purposeful life. Read more about the 8 limbs and what’s the description of wikipedia:


1. Yama – Restraints, moral disciplines or moral vows

The first limb, refers to vows, disciplines or practices that are mainly focused on the world surrounding us and how we interact with it.

2. Niyama – Positiv duties and observance

The second component of Patanjali’s Yoga path is called niyama, which is directed towards ourselfs or how we interact with the outside world.

life changing yoga holiday – ground and grow yoga

life changing yoga holiday – ground and grow yoga