scuba diving holiday Bali - dive with a trumpet fish in Bali

scuba diving holiday Bali – dive with a trumpet fish. Read in this post everything about the trumpet fish and where you can find it whilst diving. Get more info about how it is to go on your trip to scuba dive in Bali. Which trip is the best and how much does it cost? Read more!

dive with a trumpet fish

dive with a trumpet fish - wonderful Bali
dive with a trumpet fish - wonderful Bali ⒸDive in Culture
dive with a trumpet fish in Bali
dive with a trumpet fish in Bali ⒸDive in Culture

Scuba diving holiday Bali - why should I book my trip?

The diving around Bali is very diverse, so there is for sure something to please all kind of divers! If you are the macro lover or you like crazy drift dives, maybe you are a fanatic photographer or you just love coral! Bali has it all!

dive with a trumpet fish - What kind of fish can I see during my scuba divinig holiday Bali?

Well, all the what we call „usual „ suspects! The tropical fish, that live around healthy reef! Like for example the trumpet fish!

scuba diving holiday Bali – dive with a trumpet fish

What is the scientific name of the trumpet fish?

The trumpetfishes are three species of highly specialized, tubular-elongated marine fishes in the genus Aulostomus, of the monogeneric family Aulostomidae. The trumpetfishes are members of the order Syngnathiformes, together with the seahorses and the similarly built, closely related cornetfishes.

The generic name, Aulostomus, is a composite of two Greek words: aulos, meaning flute, and stoma, meaning mouth, because the species appear to have tubular snouts. “Flutemouth” is another less-common name for the members of the family (although this word is more often used to refer to closely related cornetfishes of the family Fistulariidae).

Trumpetfishes are found in tropical waters worldwide, with two species in the Atlantic and one in the Indo-Pacific. They are mostly demersal reef-dwellers, where one species seems to prefer rocky substrate.


Dive with a trumpet fish - What are predators of the trumpet fish?

So, unfortunately, our awesome trumpet fish also get eaten themselves as they are part of the food chain. Mostly groupers and snappers are on the lookout for these peculiar tube-shaped fish! The trumpet fish camouflages itself next to or behind something when it wants to catch it’s prey and also as protection against predators.

I want to dive dive with a trumpet fish - Can I do this in Bali?

During your Scuba Diving holiday Bali, you can be assured that you will see some of these crazy trumpet fish!
When you dive with a trumpet fish you can expect to see these different kinds of trumpet fish. They can look like seahorses. The male trumpet fish carries the eggs in a special pouch until they hatch. Pretty cool!

During your scuba dive holiday Bali, we can organize different kind of dives for you. On most of these dives, there is a chance to see the male trumpet fish change colour to court the female trumpet fish whilst dancing!

scuba diving holiday Bali – dive with a trumpet fish

scuba diving holiday Bali

How do I travel to go on a scuba diving holiday Bali!

Well, you just book your flight and let the rest of the organizing up to Dive in Culture! They are specialized in organizing tailor-made holidays and special package holidays for Bali!

Already 5 years Dive in Culture has been organizing trips to Bali and Nusa Lembongan for travellers and divers! They know where the best spots are, who the safe dive shops are and where to find what.

Ground and Grow trusts a lot to Dive in Culture! That’s why we organize our very special yoga and scuba diving holiday Bali together.

Check it out here!

In which scuba diving holiday Bali can I see the trumpet fish?

When you book the yoga and diving holiday with Ground and Grow, you can experience a very nice way of combining the beauty of the underwater world and the beauty of inner peace.

Meditation and yoga exercises in combination with amazing dives – All can be found with the Scuba Diving holiday Bali.

We will take you to the beautiful island Nusa Lembongan for some amazing corals, lots of tropical fish, including our trumpet fish, manta rays and turtles.

After a week we will leave the island of Lembongan and go to the East coast of Bali, just at the foot of Mt, Agung. There are different views, under and above the water. The sea bottom here exists of black sand, which is amazing for contrast in photos!

Lots of little stuff to be seen – Most dives are straight of the beach, so no boot needed. Tulamben is a lazy little village where:

  • the fishermen still go out every morning to catch the fish
  • the market opens at 5 o’clock!
  • Time just ticks a little slower here!
  • Best place to relax, get back in touch with what is important!

All this will take place between 26th April and 6th of May 2020!
So don’t miss out! Make sure you reserve your spot for this amazing trip underwater, inside yourself and to the beautiful island of Bali!

This text is written by Dive in Culture and Ground & Grow

scuba diving holiday Bali
scuba diving holiday Bali
scuba diving holiday Bali - dive with a trumpet fish
scuba diving holiday Bali - dive with a trumpet fish

scuba diving holiday Bali – dive with a trumpet fish

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